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Friends Only

to the people who want to add me
this journal is no longer active and i will delete this after
i repost all my fanfic to my new journal 7thmin
so if you want to add me go to 7thmin

thank you

cho kyuhyun


I am 100% back. Did anyone miss me? *pout*(if no one)

13thkyu I now have a personal journal *jump around*
Am I too happy? Well I just miss lj

Let me talk about my personal journal.

ADvantages if I add you in my personal journal
1) I will post here my future fics
2) This is where I will accept request
3) This is where i will post the link on where you can download my complete fics

BUT I will not accept friend request in this account
I will only add the people I know.

I will reply to the friend request and update my fics tomorrow
cho kyuhyun

Channel V

WHat's wrong being number 2?

DBSK won against Super Junior on Channel V's
Battle of the POP: Boys vs Girls

my cousin is a DBSK fan

when SUJU won she and her friend said that
maybe only E.L.F know this

then yesterday DBSK won
they are so happy
and my cousin told

i read my friend's text
and told them that
What's wrong being number 2?

NOTE to my readers:
will update tomorrow or on Wed.
cho kyuhyun


I got this from sallysync

To my dearest and most wonderful Kim,

I ____ you.
You have a nice ______.
You make me _______.
You should _______.
Someday I will ______.
You + me = ________.
If I saw you now I'd __________.
I want to ________ you.
I would build a _______ just for you.
If I could sing you any song it would be _________.
We could __________ under the stars.


(P.S. ______________.)

Oh and I am __________ (going/not going) to post this on my LJ and see what you write about me.

NOTE: I will update later
cho kyuhyun


I am looking for a person who can make a banner of all my future fics

i have 9 future fics. what you will get if you will make me a banner

i will dedicated 2 fics to you or you can request a fic

Please do help me

With LOVE,