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Gravitation can not be held responsible for people falling in love

23 January 1992


My name is Kim. I love Super Junior, DBSK, Big Bang, Wondergirls, Shinee and many more.

Super Junior is LOVE. They give me inspiration. They are my hope. I love listening to their song even if I don’t understand the song(until I google it). Kyumin is my otp.

How did Super Junior changes everyone’s life?

There are always different in living and dying

And sometimes we came near to dying

But everyone changes when some angels come into their lives

Super Junior changed our lives with their loving songs

The songs that give us inspiration and joy

Super Junior changed our lives with their smile

The smile that shines in the blue sky

Super Junior changed our lives with their handsome faces

The faces that no one can resist

And most of all Super Junior changed our lives with their undying love for us

The love that will send the name E.L.F. in the sky




I act though in front of them.
To show that I am strong,
That everything is nothing to me.
But what they don't know
Is when night comes,
I lock myself inside my room
And let all my tears fall down.

I've always worn a mask.
People know me to be a strong happy person,
All because of my mask.
But when night comes,
In my room, crying.
I bury my head under my pillow
And shout as loud as I can.
To express this.

This is what they call pain,
It hurts, it's a heavy burden but
I bare all of it and I'm not shocked
To feel such things
Because this pain;
Is the pain I've always known
And felt .

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